Master your purpose and, build
the work and legacy you dream of.



No need to study for 3 or 5 years anymore. We are living in a fast-moving era.

Transform your purpose into an excellence to build.

Sooner. Better. Week after week online. Relentlessly. Acquire specific skills related to your purpose. Only what’s needed. We think business school, we act from your unique purpose. Student-friendly.

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New in freelancing or already in business?

Do you know how these 5 key factors help you move faster to the next level?

1. The value you sell. 2. The business you are in. 3. Who do you want your clients to become. 4. The status quo you are changing, 5. And for who specifically.

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Inspired by the 200 millennials march

In 2 years, I met students and young graduates who struggle to find fulfillment at work. If you have an audience or a team who has questions in this area, l can help. Speaking and workshops expand the mission.

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Your way of working is exceptional. You love what you do. You are very flexible and have been very close to my project without counting your human warmth. You have been able to direct my thoughts. You free the person from the impossibility and give the tools to unleash his potential and his growth mindset.
— Prince N. 29, France
Where I had no idea what to do or how to start, I am now starting the first phases of testing my project on the ground. Anne empowers you by showing you where your potential hides and make you fulfill your deep aspirations.
— Florence T. 30, France

On a journey to empower young builders

Hi, I’m Anne Ngo Hagbe, a purpose alchemist based in France.

I believe everyone deserves to leave school knowing his purpose. It simplifies your work as your life. I’ve spent the last 6 years on a journey to find what I will love so much that quitting will never be an option. I did not know the answer was in me.


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