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Purpose Mastery

Build to learn. 1 year. 33 sessions.
Unlimited support.


Purpose mastery

100% Action and creativity mode. Best for individuals & schools

Are you a millennial who strives to make change happen and live a fulfilled life?
Create your own mastery. Start when you want. Wherever you are.


The deepest self-transformation



Learn by solving a problem you see. 100% future creation. We reinvent what is school for: help you transform yourself by implementing your vision. And uncovering your purpose. In the end, you gain more than 500 hours of practicing what you are genetically encoded for. What only you can build in this world. Your uniqueness. Your legacy. 1 to 1 session online.

By applying to the program, the key benefits of your investment for you personally are :

  • Become great at one thing

  • Move from young graduate to professional

  • Highlight your value and ask for big money

  • Find a work of passion and purpose

  • Always have projects to launch

  • Invest in a fully personalized learning by doing process with a specialist committed to helping you become unstoppable.

  • Work during the day if you want

  • Take control of what you learn

  • Replicate the skillset anywhere, no matter the sector

  • Lead by showing the next way

  • Create and broaden opportunities worldwide


Room for experimentation



Expand your learning process,
Expand your life.

Work is outside our sessions

You work first so that I can work based upon your vision. We meet to share transformative ideas, better possibilities and the next action to take.


We design key tools to demonstrate professionalism.

You will need them when you show up. You will also learn how to share your mission and your cause.

Receive explanatory guides and worksheets every month

With inspiring examples from innovators, visionaries and fulfilled people.


Beyond career


My tools and the fields we cover treasure your purpose:

Design thinking, problem-solving, modern marketing, limited beliefs, first principles, critical thinking, risk-taking, analytical skills, written communication, leadership, demo. and innovation, self-discipline hacks, creating from the unknown, tapping into your gifts.

I will recommend you tailor-made readings (books, articles, etc.) and resources (videos) from world-class thought leaders that nourish your thinking process and help you take counter-intuitive actions.

This morning, by chance, I read again the analysis you wrote for me. You don’t know how it is affecting my life. Little by little, I know who I really am, what I’m destined for. Slowly but surely, I am moving towards my path, towards my personal and professional fulfillment.

A few months ago, this was an abstract complement. You were the click and the accelerator I really needed. And for all this, I thank you very much. You were one of my best encounters in 2018!
— Gallé B. 35, France

Personal and emotional
engagement needed.

One challenge at a time. Step by step. Week by week.
Be transformed into a new you.

Together, we cultivate collaboration, creativity, empathy, ownership, accountability, and curiosity. 


School of the future

Experiments. Growth. Fulfillment. And you simplify the rest of your life.



Aporii is inspired by my years building my own ideas, tracking key success factors and studying how extraordinary doers around the world do. How to think is key in our 1 to1 sessions.  Everything we do, we start it with the end in mind: an extraordinary professional life on your terms.

  1. Your best job position. Focus leads to greatness. 

  2. Your purpose in action. Work smart with a niche, whether they are clients or employers. 

  3. Redefine your work. Seek vision and value first, not hours. 

  4. Find the one thing you want to be the expert at.

  5. Create the future you can be proud of. 

  6. Increase your self-esteem and self-awareness. Release unconscious beliefs that do not serve your growth

  7. Build the self-discipline that accelerates your excellence.



Designed around the learner
33 hours of direct accountability

When you are ready to enroll, you will receive a fully detailed blueprint and a 5-page letter of agreement explaining the key results we will be focusing on.



The purpose mastery program is built around your purpose.

We emphasize your transformation and uncover who you truly are so that you make change happen. As you experiment. We go directly to your bigger vision. We work from the future where 85% of the jobs do not exist yet. Some dreams cannot wait.


What’s included:



When you are ready

Apply for your free session. Anytime. Wherever you are in the world. In French or in English.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With care,

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