Freelancer Leap

Learn how to clarify and sell your hidden unique value. Properly, and effectively.

Marketing with your top clients first at ideal prices will become faster and easier.


Craft your next results in 2 sessions only.

Envision what matters most The freelancer leap refines the greatest match between:

  • The business you are unmistakably in (your vision),

  • The powerful change you’re making for your clients, and

  • The value-base fees you will ask for now on.


Quit the competition game. Lean on your voice.

Think like an entrepreneur, act like a freelancer who creates unique customer care and experiences. And in return, attract specific high-end customers in pursuit of exclusivity.


Create your market. Differently.

Learn how to include the hidden next level for your customers and show it first.  Build a path of excellence that empowers you to serve fewer clients while increasing the customer basket value.


Make room for
your best future

Immerse yourself in progressive discomfort zones that will make you grow and live in abondance mindset. Faster. Better. And attract uplifting business relationships that serve your purpose and 3X your next contribution.


your minimal viable audience

Identify those who need what you offer and are ready to pay the price you ask. Build meaningful relationships where money becomes the by-product of your purpose and what makes you unique.

I was lost in a heap of fear, stress, anxiety, and despair. Throughout the discussions and exercises, I kept getting closer to what I always knew, wanted, but was so afraid to confess: living from my dream. My greatest gratitude is in the trust she has given me. I don’t think that one day I’ll forget the faith that Anne put in me and in my project at this time of my life when I’m young and nobody believed in me.
— Vasty S. 20, Belgium

No more hourly rates.
Only value-based fees.

Your time is finite. We’ll dive deep into the top 20%. Into the key actions that lead to 80% of your results. So that we can 10X the results for now on.


Your way to innovation. Create the future.

We’ll start with the end in mind. The lasting value you are offering.



With the freelancer leap, I am here to help you clarify your vision and your mission first. In the experience, you’ll expand your purpose and position yourself out of the status quo.

What experience can you expect:

  1. Love to sell. Dare to close.

  2. Serve first. Learn fast. Earn with joy and ease.

  3.  Discover your value/excellence matrix.

  4. Reverse-engineer your strategy and redefine your audience.

  5. Build uplifting business relationships

  6. Increase your self-esteem and self-awareness. Release unconscious beliefs that do not serve your growth.

  7. Build the self-discipline that accelerates your excellence.

  8. Create your unique experience with the 3 T (Trust, Tools, Tension).

  9. Create your 10-day challenge. Learn the deep insights and feedforward.